July 11 – July 13 1853

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July 1853

I will her state it is univers
ally the case that card playing
is done all day of sundays –
by the miners.  On Monday
the fourth of July there was
a ball given at American
Vally 7 miles north of this.
Broke up in a row.

Tu 12          Paid for board from saturday
evening unit tuesday   each $7   14.00
The company then shoulderd
blankets tools & provision.  We
arrivd on the ground about noon
for the first time I had seen it
we all walked about over the
ground.  I then pikd up a small
snack of dirt & washd out 1$ to
the pan.  I thought to my self

Ive found the place at
last, we then wnet to work &
bilt a brush tent with a few
fir boughs & an old buffalo
robe.  Down we lay for the night.

We 13         Up before sun rise.  Setting
by the fire to warm, looking
around at naturs productions
the tall pines firs & arbavitas.
The firs bears a crop on its top.
After surveying the rout
today to bring water on
the companys diggings, I
then went 1 1/2  miles to mouth
Nelson Creek.  I there got
a letter from you1 dated
24 May.2  I then went ba
ck to camp & read by pine

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  1. James Haun evidently wrote his diaries with the intention that his wife should read them. The “you” in his diary refers to her.
  2. Martha Haun’s letter of May 24 1853 has been preserved and is available here.