July 13 – July 24 1853

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July 1853

We 13         not light.  The long looks
for treasure.  O what a plea
sure.  You have not said
what letters you recvd fro
m me.  You must give
the news of the church. &c
To cash for letter $1.00

Th 14          Commenced diggin the ditch
to bring in water.

Fr. 15          Our work the same.

Sa 16          Still the same.

Sun 17       We all went over to mouth
N.  Creek except John.  Dinner
for my self                     $1.00
I bought apair boots $8.00
& cotton for straw bed 1.25
went back to camp to sleep
John had washd one shirt

July 1855

for me & two for himself
I & John were leving &
marking out the new ditch
rout. At night sed on my
straw bed tick.

Tu 19          I & John finished leving
the ditch at noon.  John
to digging & I to clearing away
the brush.  Tonight finish
my bed tick.

We 20         I to clearing away the track
& John to digging with the rest.
Tonight I put whop
pong big patch on the right knee of
my blue military pants
out of twillo cotton flour sack.

Th 21          Our work the same

Fr. 22          Sat 23 & Sun 24

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