July 16 – July 29 1858

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July 1858

Fr 16            I am waiting to see If so
mething wont turn up to favor
me I cant pay what I ow the
way I am progressing who can
help it

Sat 17         nothing encouraging is
to be seen for me so I will
be sold out before a great while

Su 18          some of the citizens & I amo
ng the rest was to hear preach
ing in court house the second
time since Ive been on Cala
the hat was handed round &
I pitchd in a quarter, giving
to the poor & lending to the Lord

Mo 19         this week has passd off & I cant

Tu 20          tell, but wife had a dance

We 21         on kt 20th so the week pa

Th 22          ssd off up to Saturday 24

Fr 23           when all the ladies & Gentle

Sat 24        man had a picknick up

Su 25          at Bates mill, all passed off
well, Lloyd was shot twice in
one leg this week by Dover at
Nelson point

July 58

Mo 26          the case against Smith
was tride tride before Hogan
to quash the attachment but
before tis was trid another was
laid desition had in the morning

Tu 27          the Judge decided a gainst
me & the attachment. so I star
ted for the diggins once moore
I arrivd at the cabbin but ni
one there. I tiik some hard bred
butter & Melasses for dinne &
wet down to the point & then
down to Rocky Bar to see Kyler

We 28         I had a hard sleep of it
last kt after Breckfast I & Ky
le r went down the river to see
some ground but pronounced it
not good for money & left

Th 29          I staid to see Kyler burst
his last Rock on Rocky Bar
whitch he did in good stile
the we went up to the point
John came over on business

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