July 19 – July 22 1855

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July 55

Th 19          two trees, one a large tree
P.M. it clowded up thunderd
& lightning with quite a
shower of rain mixd with
snow allmost hail, did not
clean up no gold —

Fr 20            we are still Looking forward
onward & upward the trouth is
I begin to feel that I dislicke for
shaw to Leave us. There has none
Left as a partner. but that i
was pleasd here to fore. we tur
nd another tree up to day weve
not cleand cleand up. Law
rance came home this P.M.
did not get his money & I felt
moore like giving in than uve
done for some time, not well

Sat 21         well I John & Rositer is all
that is left of the great mount
ain company. Lawrance sold
out to Rositer this morning

July 55

for 200$ all the interests he had
that was in the Lower diggins
20 us three went to work. I cut
off three logs & John & Rositer
cland up Bed rock & then
roold the logo one side. we got
gold 47$. I & John gets 3/4 & him 1/4
I pd Rositer 79 1/4$ for grub & pick sharp
foning for the company –

Su 22          I read the 7th chapt of first
corinthians we all went in to
a general settlement & dividing
of gold Dust. I pd shaw 66$
that I had previously borowd
leaving 100$ moore to be paid
of the same sort & squard up with
Lawrance. I & John gatherd up 2
hickry shirts a piece & all five we
nt down to the point. Mrs Duesler
washes for 3 bits1 a piece, John gave
Dr Hill 10$ for pres & Medicine
shaw gave us a bill of sale
of all he ownd in these diggins

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  1. Thirty-seven cents.