July 22 – July 26 1855

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July 55

and we gave him a joint note
Due first sept next for 550$
I got a letter from Bro Dave
of date June 10th 551 written in
Iowa & stating he wanted
money to come to cala again
allso if my wifes need of 2 or
300$ if she continues in ky
we have taken out since Fr 2ond
of Feb 55 $403 1/2$ at 16$ per oz in
shaws Johns & my company &
in Lawrances compy since oct
last 2136$ & Dueslers compy
took out 200$ in 4 weeks &c

Mo 23         shaw & Lawrance started for
the American vally early & bid a
Diue to the Haun diggins well I
felt sorry they have left us, but
we three went to work in good
earnest & got gold 17$ with out
cleaning up the Boxes John stopd
up the reservoy this evening for the
first time, water getting scearce. I
dreamd of seeing wife riding in

July 55

Tu a small waggon & several little
negroes I thought she was come
ing to where I was seemd distant

Tu 24           I drempt last kt of flying I tho
ught I enjoyed verry mutch &
I thought I was where wife was
& a number of other persons well
John went to bed & left the door open
i woke up cold just be fore day
we three was at owrk soon & late
we got gold 66 1/2$. I & john eat
in the other cabin with Rositer
But sleep in the one we Built
the other cabin belongs to us allso
we got gold 62 1/2$ I commen
sd a letter to my wife

We 25         we are at work soon & late we
did not clean up boxes got gold
15 1/2$ I feel lonly since the boys
has left. the punishment is great

Th 26          I was up before sun rise bui
lt a fine in my cabin & then went
over to the other built another to
cook breckfast by & calld Rositer

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