July 22 – July 30 1856

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July 56

Tu 22          Rains borrows Wheelers waggon
on yesterday pd 4$ to have the tyre
bands cut & set. pd 2$ for tar,,
2 teams halling hay 2 men cut
ting down Duesler Barly

We 23         I got another man to help me
put siding on the barn,, finsishd
the Barley,, then to cut down the oats
for the straw only, days warm

Th 24          finished halling hay out of the
first field 41 loads & 8 loads out
of the other,, I finishd nailing on
all my plank & Did not get
sid finished, the oats is cut& rakd
one of Terwillegars suits answered
I gave 6 1/4$ for 50 tbs flour on Tuesday

Fr 25           I’ve got a verry bad cold, I
was cradling wheat all evening
& two to bind

Sat 26        finished cutting the wheat, by
noon it was shocked up, p.m.
I pd off two men 22$ for 5 1/2 days
work each.. I pd willma
n 6 1/4$ for 50tb four &

July 56

answered Terwillegars other suit at

Su 27          I collected 10$ of Judge Ward
& 5$ aluoid for ranching a white
calf & pd Dutton for 20 12 Days
work,, 57 1/4$,, pd Heckman 7 1/2$
Kyler came over & said they
had bought out Fritz at 100$ cash
took out last week 430$

Mo 28         Stergeon came down from
Massack water is faild can
not work he is halling hay
for me two teams at it ha
lld in 9 loads to day,, 7 on sat
& 3 on Friday last, I was put
ting in a fllor on the lowest
sid of the Barn,, I’ve a bad cold

Tu 29          still halling hay.. we sent
wheelers waggon home this
evening. I am quite un
well of cold cannot work

We 30          I settled of with smith
had worked 22 1/2 days—

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