July 24 – August 9 1853

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July 1853

I & John went down to willow
ranch & cut with butcher knives
a lot of grass to fill our tick.

Mo 25 Tu 26 We 27 was clowdy
all day & thunderd some but
no rain fell.  All sun shine.

Th 28 Fr 29 Sat 30 Sun 31.  I & John
built a bed stead, under a pine
tree so we sleep off the ground.
Weve killd several large rattle snakes.
This week paid for 4 gunny bags   1.50
to three candles .50 Paper tax 50 1.00
to one letter from W.G. Haun        1.001

Mo. 1 Tu 2. We 3: Th 4  The fourt night
I dreamed I was in Gergetoun & saw
you as plain as could be well &
harty in Mrs. Bratts room.  I shook
hands with Mrs. Pratt.  But you said

August 1853

to me to go to your room
I then woke up.

Fr. 5             I dreamed of being ther again
but do not recollect particulars.

Sat 6           At work on the ditch.

Su 7            We all except John went to
N. Creek & had some what of
disturbance & after a
chunk of a fight, between an
Irishm & an englishma.   The forst
names provd the best.

Mo 8            The difficulty is not sittled yet.
John baught out Major Brookie
Claim for 50$ down & 200$ in
sixty days & expences included.

Th 9            We all went to work this mo
rning except B I Mathews he
lost all the weak by sickness

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  1. William G. Haun was another of James’ brothers, settled in Indiana. W.G’s letter of March 15 1853 has been preserved and is available here.