July 29 – August 2 1855

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July 55

Su 29          we came home got dinner ra
ther late we next went up the other
ditch it is in good order but the wa
ter is rather scearce as the snow
is all melted off the mountains. we
had supper & then to dividing our
grub as there is but 2 of us & we our
3/4 of it & Rositer 1/4. yes I pd shaw
100$ that Ihad borrowd of him
my leson 13th chapt 2ond counthian

Mo 30         we were rather late getting out to
work but hung on faithfull all day
we set up another set of boxes
as the diggins require it. John
was cutting a leding ditch to the main
one to get in the deap water from
the reservoy. Rositer & I was piping in
the second set of boxes & got gold 24$

Tu 31           I was calld up to my breck
fast. the rats waked me up several
times. I dreamd of wife there is
allwasy something in my sleep

July 55 – August

tells me it is not so. I am not
with her & why am I thus hid
to be cheated, we were at work
in the right boxes. got gold 22$
cleand them up & set a new higher
up & then set up a third set of box
es on the left as the diggins are
wid & had to mend & tinker them
up that done we quit for the day


Th 1            the rats have annoyd me late
ly of kts. I fixd a ded fall1 so
i caught 2 last kt. I did some
sewing on the hose P.M. all was
at work doing well, but it could
not hold out so, for the hose burs
ted our new ones at that. I was
the rest of the day mending it, John &
Rositer was cleaning up bed rock &
got gold 44$

Th 2             we took out 2 pieces of old hose
it took me some time to fix them
up & slip them over the main
ones that done I went to piping
again in the left set of boxes

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  1. A type of mouse trap.