July 29 – August 3 1854

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July 54

Fagans saloon a woman to
Draw custom & card playing
a few songs 7 summersetts
& making love to the lady as
they call it. I tyred & went home

Su 30        one of the sterlings came
up to see our fixtures to katch
gold he said it was the best he
had seen, we had a settlement
the first since Hawkins left
we had 195$ to devide. P.M. we
went down to the point. I saw
two woman one in each house
dealing causkinett & lots of
men to bet at her bank &
my lesson VIII chapt st Lukes

Mo 31       Shaw & i got gold 19$ &
John cook the man th
at works for Lloyd got no
gold to day. Lloyds finger
is getting well fast
I bathe every kt….

August 54

Tu 1           I am still living on Milk
& mush molasses & light bred
I feel quite well in deed with
out any kind of meat & work
hard every day. Marysville
has been burnd twice, the first
fire about six weeks ago swep
three squares. The last one four1

We 2         The kits are cool & days war
m we got gold 23$ the last
2 days, shaw & I went down
to the point after supper, the
third woman has made her
apperance at the gambling
table to help out the gambling

Th 3          quite warm clowdy in
the after non with thunder
but no rain, Lloyd took
Shaws & my pick down to the
point to have them sharp
& he brot me a letter from
wife of date May 10th 542

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  1. “July 1854 – Great Fire at Marysville. A large fire occurred int his place, burning five whole blocks. Loss $250,000.” (Dana, pg. 72)
  2. Martha Haun’s letter of May 10 1854 has been preserved and is available here.