July 3 – July 8 1854

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July 1854

Mo 3           shaw & I got gold 14 1/2$ &
the Johns are fixing to try
a knew place, below in the sa
me revine we are at work in
Dr Vaughn had an attachme
nt & summons servd on me to
day, shaw is gone down to the
point to let Hawkins know whether he
will sell out to him or not

Tu 4            John & went down to the
point I sittled with Dr Vaug
hn for his medical bill 15$ &
Vaughn then paid John 20$ for
5 days work. I wrote a letter to
H.P. paid 1$ for Twine to sew
our hose with & then followd
the Ladys & The Russian army
with brass music up to inde
pendence Bar to a celebration
& Ball & saw my old claim
and the place where I laid on
the ground quite a large cr
owd of men & some 25 Ladies

July 54

shaw John & I Left before they
commensd dancing & got home
by sun set paid 25 cts for letter
& 75 cts Liquor

We 5           we went to work & gold gold 16 1/2$
after supper shaw & I went down
to the point. They had a dance at
Lewis & Roots this is the 5th or 6th
Kt in succession & tomorrow & Kt
following at the American vally
that is the way they got out here. I
did not get a letter I saw quite
a member of the fair sex this 4th

Th 6            we got gold 11$ & Johns has
not mad any for some days

Fr 7              we made nothing. But the
Johns got 2$ Linch staid wi
th us all day & Kt. he is a broken
down miner of 49 from KY

Sat 8           we got gold 9 1/2$ the Dept sheriff
attachd my diggins & stopd me
from work. I & the Johns went
down to the point & had the call

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