July 30 – August 5 1856

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July 56

We 30         had to pay him in all
56 1/4$ I sent Sturgeon up
to Massack to put things
in order of late.P.m. Bro
Henry wife 2 children Chas
Lindley wife & 3 children
Mrs Buckhannon , nurse
& child 12 in all drove up
in a four horse stage & 2 ex
tra horses , to spend some
days in our vally. I was
in bed at the time but got out
a dance came off at the
court house to Kt & all went

Th 31          I settld off with Sturge
on & he left 36 1/2 days work
amt in all pd him 91 1/4$
the visitors all took their rest
another dance to Kt at court house


Fr 1              all hands Lounging about
an evening rest in the barn

Sat 2           we are not doing mutch
Rains on a bust, Henry hitchd

August 56

up his team & 14 took a ride
by Judknd mill to Betsy
town & home again John&
Dave came over as Hickman
went after them with horses

Su 3             most of the family took
a ride up as fare as they could
go with a stage towards Nel
son creek took dinner on the
woods & came back the same day
I was quite un well &
sent Hickman to Dr Kate to
get some medicine whitch I
took – Rains still Drunk

Mo 4            I feel some better Lindley
left for Hopkins Creek.. The Dis
trict Judge came to hold court
& 2 Lawyers with him, we com
mends to thresh out wheat
with Daniel Cates machine

Tu 5             Lindley came home this a.
m. and after noon we got
done the wheat as there is but
little, two sacks flour 12 1/2$

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