July 31 – August 3 1857

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July 57

Fr 31            Lem & Richards at
work in the wheat. I
& sam watering the po
tatoes carter fixing the
door to dining room &
made a stable door & fixd
the gate to Lot & gone to
betsy town after groceries
Rains lost his horse com
ing from Nelson creek
Last kt & some of the rig
ging went back to day &
got him & lost one spur
I gave carter 3 $ to get
oil to pain with on Th 30
& 5$ to get hinges & nails
only pd 2$ to Blood & co.


Sat 1           Rains & Lem not at work
sam Richards & I at
watering potatoes.. Rains
went over to Nelson creek
after John, & whipd Fritz

August 57

Gerald, then both left after
Mid kt. to come to the vally
but John Let the Blsck
hosrse get away from him
near Lewis Ranch & cou
ld not find him again
I gave Lem 60$, Rains &
John staid the Kt willow


Su 2             I & sam were watering the
Beets Beans &c. John & Rains
came over about noon &
the Black horse lost, I gave
sam 2$ Rains 5$ & 11$
to carter for him & 2 1/2$ to
old man Martin.
John came home late from
hunting Black horse this p.m.

did not find him

Mo 3            Lem & John halling sand&
lime, sam & Richards water
ing potatoes. carter at work
about the house & Fenco
I sold Fred Robinson 22 1/2 $ pot
toes at 10 cts per tts not pd.

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