July 4 – July 15 1858

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July 58

Su 4             I put in my time as most
men do in quincy – going from
one drinking houst to an other

Mo 5            to day has been celebrated
for the fourth by a military
parade & speeches to suit the oc
cation. & a dance to kt given
by Maston, in court house.

Tu 6             the races commensd to day
5 entried stinsons Woodpecker
winning the purse

We 7            the same horse won the race
to day. I was not out on the hack
to day but was yesterday

Th 8             five horses started today
wheelers pided mar won the
race. I & wife was out to day

Fr 9              I am not able to say at this
time what was done or what I
did but Ime sure nothing of
importance times are going
mutch worse with me all the

July 58

Sat 10        Ive had Smith sued & attac
hd on the 6 inst if I made a mistake
not, the time is waring a way
verry heavily, as money is verry
scearce with me & debts pressing

Su 11          nothing to do but to saunter
around all day & witness all
sorts of drunkards

Mo 12         the district Judge is on the
bench Sixton I mean & I was
summond as a juror to attend
on to morrow at 9 a.m.

Tu 13           I hired Joe Gass to help
cut wheat we commensd to
day. I am still a Juror but
no case tride by Jury man

We 14         I have previously sent by
Asheim 100$ to John Over
ton at onion Vally. still a
Juryman but no case tride by

Th 15          no change for the better
still jury man & discharged
to day without trying a single

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