July 9 – July 11 1855

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July 55

Mo 9            we then Baught another new
cotton shirt cost 2$ each, & then
for the Bath House. I took a
shower cost 1/4$. I got 20$ of the
Boys & let shaw have then & then
5$ each for our stage fare to
Gibson ville & 1$ each for a bd
at the western House

Tu 10          we was calld up at 1/2 past
3 for the stage & after 4 we set
out took Breckfast at the peo
ra house cost 1$ each as for
dinner they stopd at the New
York but I did not eat it
has been awfull warm & Dusty
we arrivd at the Rabbit creek
house after sunset supper &
lodging 1 1/2$ each here I lay on
the best bed in calafornia

We 11         some time before day i
was wakd up by a Drunken

July 55
Frenchman that was quite noisy
untill day light Breckfa
st 1$ each & whiskey 3/4$ at 8
A.M. the mule trane came in
we soon started for Gibsonville
arrivd at 1/2 past ten, we next
started on foot for onion vally
just in time for dinner cost
1$ each. we next made Newk
at 1/2 past 2 P.M. we soon went
up to our diggins. They were cl
aning up rather soon but had 7 oz
save one $ we had to clean up
as John had been living in the
other cabin & then my hickry
shirt was to mend whitch I
did & read the 17th & 18th chapts of
acts of the apostles &c —
Lloyd has taken possesion of the
cabin we baught of pike by pulling
the steeple, as he had baught the 1/5
he is Law proof thats certain

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