June 1 – June 7 1854

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June 1854

Th 1             Cool Last kt & to day. I had
to put on my coat to work in
& clowdy with all. The three
got gold 45 1/2$. Hawkins & I
are still a fixing for our hose
& pipe. I was yesturday & to day
making Hungarian Riffles to save gold.

Fr 2              Cool & clowdy most all day
the wind from the south raind
some in the evening late & af
ter dark. John & Hopkins got
gold 48$. Hawkins & show was
setting boxes. & I was making
knew riffles.

Sat 3           Clowdy ar intervals & rain &
thunder this evening. The three
go gold 79$. I & hawkins are
still fixing. I made two moore
riffles & H went down to the point
after two tom irons.

Sun 4          O the Delightfull weather just
right for man. We devided
out our gold for the last 3 weeks

June 54

in 5 shear each 86 1/2 & was di
viding ar provisions also. Dobson
came up from ritch bar about
noon & I paid him off the balance
for his claim 300$ he said he was
varry sorry for selling out. My
lesson Paul & the Hebrews 1 rst.

Mo 5            Shaw & Hopkins got gold 28$
& Hawkins & John was working
the hose & pipe they did not
wash or clean out the boxes.
I do the pidling mending
boxes fixing moore riffles.

Tu 6             S. & H. got gold 37$ & us three got
4$. I was out in the after noon
the pipe & pose work verry well
we were at work in hard sement.
The day was rather cool for sun shine.

We 7            Shaw & Hopkins got gold 42$ & us
expect better pay as soon as we are
out of this sement. The weather is
cool for the time of year, but pleas
ant enough.

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