June 10 – June 14 1855

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June 55

Su 10          to the point & gave Duesler 1/2
of 199 1/4$ he paying 40$ for hired
help & Board. I got 75$ to my shear
I then Deposited with Thompson
395 1/4$ making in all 1000$ baring
date June 6th 55 at the rate of two
per cent per month. as he had fave
my security in suit wih Lloyd
I came home in company with
Lawrance took dinner though ra
ther late, we then walkd up the to
its head all right. I shall read
the 8th chapt of John & go to bed &c

Mo 11          I & John to our place & shaw
& Lawrance in the same ravine
we do not expect to hire anybody
at present. Rains & Roister has not
left yet. it was some clowdy but
no rain. we got gold 7$ the other
two made a about the same. I pd
Rains 66 3/4$ for ork done for
the company, & 28 3/4$ for Dues

June 1855

Tu 12          well it has haild raind &
cold stormy weather in comes
the miner to a good warm fire
with out any gold Dust. consid
erable thunder. I went to bed early
felt some unwell eat no supper &c

We 13         raind moore or less through the
kt. I lay a bed until a late hour
the sun at least one hour high. clo
wdy this morning, cleard up soon
the day wa swarm & pleasant ag
ain I & John got gold 15$. shaw
& Lawrance has found it good, by
going out in to the left bank there
is another flannel that is ritch &c

Th 14          fine day I & John is piping toget
through where we commensd to work
after 5 of the old company had left us
we got so wet & cold, the water falling
on us all the time. that we knockd
off early. we had not long been
at the house until Tom Eeaves

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