June 14 – June 17 1855

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June 1855

Fr 14            came to our cabin. I know
him at first sight not with sta
nding all his whiskers. he came
a across the plains 54 we talk a
little about old times &c —

Fr 15            I John & Eaves went out to the
diggins, Tom said he wanted to
help work so I sent him off af
ter his things & told him he could
try it a while until he could do
better, we got gold 40$ shaw
had Rains to work for him as
has a bad cold & dont feel well
Lawrance & Rains done well —

St 16           I John & Tom Eaves was at work
in good time. the bank has slid
in again last kt. That kept us so
me time in getting a way the dirt
& rock. well before noon we were
pipeing. I saw & Pickd a piece of
gold that weighs 8 oz & 10$ just 150$

June 55

at the currant rate of 17$ & 40 cts to
the oz = shaw & Lawrance has struck
new diggins that is verry ritch so
weve got a claim a pice there in all
4 = we feel confident that we will be
able to get our piles out of those
news claims but I wont throw
a way the old ones by no means
we cleand up some bed rock &
then the sloos boxes this. P.M. &
got gold 97$ add the two to get
her & make 235$ at 16$ per oz —

Su 17          after Breckfast we spent ma
tch time in setting up for hired
help & boarding the hands so we
fell in debt to shaw 140 3/4$ money
loand & paid out moore than
his shear. he allso pd the smi
th 7 1/2$ for the compy & 10 3/4$ for
provisions to Thompson after
we went down to the point. I &
John took tea with Duesler &
wife. John got pair gum boots

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