June 14 – June 18 1854

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June 1854

7lb meal & 1$ for a bottle of
Medicine. We got gold 76 1/2$.

We 14         Pleasant day all at work. I
went out workd all day feel first
rate we got gold 7 1/2$. I was
fixing & cooking. A man st
ood before the door with two
carpet wallets & said wy day
bird what brot you out here
& it was John Lloyd.

Th 15          The weather is all wright &
all at work we got gold 49$.
John Lloyd said the gold lookd
verry nice & thought we had good diggins.
Wife ought to see me making mush
as I am dieting & gaining fast.

Fr 16           Pleasant weather indeed. We
were all at got gold 73 1/2$.
John Lloyd is a heap of com
pany for me.

Sat 17         Clowdy A.M. & raind all
P.M. though we workd till
late & got gold 72$ cleaning
up bed rock. John Lloyd took
a tramp up the ditch.

June 54

Sun 18       John Lloyd & I went &
stakd off 7 claims for me &
John 5 we bought & 2 by pre emp
tion & pickd out one for Lloyd.
We then went up the ditch & stopd
some holes & we came home
& breckfasted. Lloyd & John went
down to the point & out knew
partners had already gone they
came back before noon & divided
the gold, first paid the previous expences
of the company 39$ & then divided
the remaining 240$. Making 48$
to each. I then paid 36$ for lost
time in sick nefs & then the oth
er three paid me fore board 41$
& Hopkins paid me 32 1/4$ for the
use of water. I then Broke a hoe
cleaning my potatoes & went
down to the point gave 2 1/2$ for
a new one $ 1 1/2$ for a bottle of
bitters & then came home in com
pany with Lloyd. My Lesson was
VIII chapt of Revelations

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