June 16 – June 24 1856

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June 56

Mo 16         4$ for fixing the waggon
I recvd 1$ form Bass for Ranching Oxen

Tu 17          Rains halld 3 loads of lumber
for Alford I was watering the plants
all day till 1 in the morning

We 18         warm days Rains halling for Alford
I am still watering the garden
all day & half the kt.. it
raind quite a heavy shower in the
this afternoon rather unusual

Th 19          Rains halling for Alford I went
over to Rocky Bar, left my horse at
willow Ranch & was down helping the
Boys to mine day and Kt.

Fr 20           Four of us was piping away
top dirt till noon. after John&
Kyler & I was sawing logs in two
& cutting away brush, Dave & the
other two was wheeling out rocks

Sat 21         cols. last # we all six was tending
the pipe.. we changd the hose &
pipe on the lower side of the dig
gins… P.M . put in another sloos box
at the lower end, we turned on the

June 56

water a short time, but could not
keep the boxes clear of tailings for
the want of a sufficient amount of water
so we shut it off again the boys to
wheeling rockout. I & Kyler startd
for the Am vally. I pd John Thom
pson 18$ for 2 check shirts & 1$ for keep
ing my horse at willow ranch
some frost last kt in Am vally
I arrived at home about sun set

Su 22          I took a good kts sleep &
was late getting up. I gave liz 2$
& got 2 twists of tobacco for Tom
Hickman, there was preaching
morning & evening inthe cou
rt house, but I did not go to
heare either of them as it is so
nessary to carry your 4 bits to
pitch in the hat as it is sure to
come around, evening is cool

We 23         the weather cool & uncerta
in & business matters verry pres
sing Rains halld one load for Alford

Tu 24          Rains brot home a new
Grind stone I am hanging
it & Sherwin came over

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