June 17 – June 20 1855

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June 55

Su 17          cost 9$ my lesson 19th st John
I & John was orderd out to work
the road from the point to the
court house, on Thursday. Fr & Sat
next or pay 3$ per day for not
working.1 the overseer was to see
us on yesturday evening —
Duesler gave me a large pen knife

Mo 18         I & John went out to work he
complains verry mutch of debility
& palpitation of the hard &c but wor
kd the day out. we was setting our
boxes anew at the verry spot that
we & dobson commesd to work a
bout the first of Feb 1854. we put in
the Riffles that was some trouble to
mend. after noon we was clean
ing off brush & small bushes to set
our pen stock in a new place high
er up the hill. Duesler came up &
Mr Merrill he wants to buy shaw
out but Ide rather not. shaw Law
rance & Roister is at work our new

June 1855

Tu 19          Eves wanted to know why me
& John did not like for him to
bye shaw out. I told him I did
not know that he wanted to sell. he
Tom said he was satisfide. John
went down to see Dr Hill & got some
medicine A.M. & P.M. he was out of
work. Duesler came up with him
I put him to mending the hose
while the rest of us was setting up
the pin stock cutting ditches & burn
ing logs & brush

We 20         Eaves is still staying with us
he was prospecting for him self
I & John was mending the hose
the thread was broke in many
places. P.M. I helpd the other boys
Roll a log out of their diggins &
cland up bed rock & got gold 10$
& John was sewing a new sea
m to strenthen the old ons in hon
it has been so warm to day
that I pulld off my flannel shirt

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  1. “Local trails were managed by a ‘pasthmaster,’ in 1855 J.L.C Sherwin. The paths were maintained through assessments on residents, which could be paid through labor or a road tax(Matuszak, pg. 13.).