June 18 – June 23 1858

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June 58

18..              it over the Boys went down to the
point I hurld on my best duds &
made for the vally I arrived at su
nset quite a number was in atten
dance on the county convention

Sat 19         verry cool last kt, I went to the
theater last kt with wife, full
house. I was pleasd with the per
formance, quincy was full of men
to day, the convention nominated
all Bucannon Candidates for of
fice the Douglass men were all
Beaten, by a coalition of Know
nothings1 old whigs2 & BI Republicans3
another show tokt. & Great dis
satisfaction among the duglass
democratic ranks

Su 30          still cool of kts in the vally
the people are leaving in mass
for their homes. Ive felt quite stu
pid all day, I gathered wife a lar
ge bunch of flowers on the event
ng last, I gave John Overton

June 58

56$ worth of gold dust, then to bed
to be applied on a note of 361$ in all
paid on it 201$ —-

Mo 21         I feel verry mutch like I don’t
want to go over to the diggins, so
after some tome dil daling about
I wrote a letter to C Lindley at M
viler pd 1/4$ for expressage I then
shouldwrd my rifle & started I ar
rivd at noon Jake was at the ca
bbin & had dinner ready we eat
& then went out to work, cleaning
up Bed rock, & ser the sloos Boxes
again. Jake had cleand out about
10$ in gold dust before I got there

Tu 22           we two are all alone & in for a good
days work cleaning up bed rock
evening came we cleand all the slo
os boxes & got some 4 oz. gold dust

We 23         we finishd where we were at
work & now for a new place we
are going to set in up the ravine
at the big that is propd up
at the but with two poles so we

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  1. This 19th Century political party was highly anti-immigration, particularly of Irish Catholic and German settlers, but moderate on the issue of slavery. The party declined after their 1856 presidential nominee Millard Fillmore lost to James Buchanan.
  2. Not to be confused with the English political party or the whigs of 1776, the 19th century whigs formed in opposition to Andrew Jackson and the Democratic party. They tended to be highly religious, pro-business, highly supportive of public education, and opposed to expansion. The party was divided on the issue of slavery.
  3. ‘black Republicans’ was a term of the time used by Southern Democrats to describe antislavery Republicans, for example, during the Lincoln Douglass debates.