June 2 – June 5 1857

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June 47

ting out cabbage plants
or rather replanting

We 3           the Robinson family
was performing last kt but
I & wife did not fo to the show
though. I was to two shoes
a few kts since cost me 5$
I went up to meadow vally
in company with Hunto
ngton to see if I could
get some pipes bourd to
canvay water under ground
Lem replanting cabbages
& hoeing them & Rains to
get some timber to fill
hind wheels. Carter is to
work by the month 65$

Th 4             I did some work on a
cart tung Lem in cabbage
patch. I & Rains went

June 57

Fordsmill got 2 tyres
for wheels weighd 75 tbs.
at 20 cts pr it cost 15 $
& 13 old spokes of Truett
cost 5$ & 12 new ones 3$
I pd for 2 set hinges to
black 1 $ & 3/4 quarter chi
sell 1$ allso & collected
3$ of Townley or he is to
pay for the spokes &
Timberman pd me 20$
I got 2 1/2$ for potatoes

Fr 5              I worked some on cart
tong & the went to see
bridge across Spanish cre
ek. how it is to be maje
steady. Rains halld in
some oak stick Lem
in garden. Carter still
at the wheels p.m. I
hewd out stick for sand


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