June 21 – June 23 1853

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June 1853

Tu 21          the question.  He said because we
favord.  I then told him I was
an elder Brother.  We are in 30
steps of the mouth of Nelson Creek
that emtys in the middle fork
of feather river & a continual
roaring of the warter.  There is
digins all about here
supper each      1$               2 00

We 22         Breckfast each 1$       2 00
Dinner                    ”    1$      2 00
Set about all day.  In the evening
saw 5 dolls washd out.
Supper  each $1                      2 00

Th 23          Breckfast each     1$       2 00
the ballance of our company
arrivd last evening Laying by
to day expect to start a pros

June 1853

Th 23          pecting in the morning after
breckfast.  I went in a bathing.
I found it cold at the mid
dle fork of feather river just a
bove the mouth of Nelson Creek.
I then went a little up N. Creek
I saw 4 men digging.  They took out
Wednesday 8$ per man &c —
Dinner each           1$ – 2 00
Our gide continus to drink.
Ive done nothing today but visit
the diggings as we could not get
off our selves, it being my
birthday.  42 years old at that.
I was anxious to start a gold
hunting.  This evening I saw 2
pans the work of 6 hands
today about 4 oz1 all told

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  1. At approximately $19.39 per ounce, a little under $80 or $12 per person if divided equally–roughly equivalent to what the six workers who mined it might have expected to make in a month as farmers.