June 21 – June 24 1855

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June 55

Th 21          quite warm to day John sew
ing the hose & i cleaning up bed
rock got gold 5$ we did not
work the road according to orders

Fr 22           I & John set our pipe to work
to clean away the rocks that
us & Dobson handled in febuary
1854. The first place we thre com
mensd to make money after the to
her 5 of the company had left. we
are running off the tailing & threw
ing out the stumps & rocks. The
other boys are doing well —

Sat 23         I & John set up another set of
sloos boxes & riffles along side those
that were all ready up to work at
either place as best suits the grou
nd. after getting under good head
way & the rest of boys had got 1 G
of milk punch.1 I conlcuded to get
on a bust whitch I did to the fu
ll of my harts content. I fell at
noon to raise no moor on my

June 1855

birth day being 44 = G but if
my wife had been here it wou
ld not have been so with me
but it is done & I again on my
feet once moore. Tom Eaves has
been sick since Wens last but
is now up again. There was
no work done in consequence of
spree that I & Roister was in —
I pulld off my shoes & socks
& run a bout bare foot & cut
my left heel. but soon I was
doomd to fall down I went in
the brush not knowing what id id
but i rose again at sun set &c
i gave 1$ for the punch —

Su 24          I Breckfasted quite harty and
soon after we set too & had a set
tlement, we had over 300$ to our
shears. shaw pd 22$ for beef & 4$
to Thompson for the company we
four baught pikes water ditch
tools & provisions & cabin all

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  1. A cocktail of milk, cream, bourbon, whiskey or brandy, sugar, vanilla, sometimes garnished with nutmeg. Eggnog is a variant of this drink.