June 29 – July 3 1858

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June 58

Tu 29           we had another frost last kt
harder than all the rest, also a
negro Minstrals. I was too see them
perform last kt. I halld on my
mining duds & gun, then I rode
to the Ill Ranch then footed
it the diggins, Jake had din
ber ready. p.m. we went to
mining where he had set the
boxes, we did not clean up.

We 30         I was verry cold this morning
in my Bunk with 2 pair blankets
& my cotton spread to keep
off the dust, I got up made a
fire & laid down again. Jake
was unwell so mutch so he did
not go to work all day, I went
& dug all day allone, later a
man came to diggins & says
he wants to work with us, we
agreed, by his paying us 65$
when it comes out for the
tools grub & furniture & to
pay for water. If the diggins pay

July 58

Th 1             Jake is still unwell. I was
to work by my self till noon
p.m. John Vigris & I put out
selves through & cleand up not
mutch gold no good place.

Fr 2              all three pitchd in we moovd
up in Lloyds ravine. set 2
boxes turnd in the water & set
in, late we cleand up but o gol
ly, the gold was left these parts
I dont know where to try my
luck again. it wont do.

Sat 3           Jake is not well, so I & John
went out to clean up the Bed roc
k, by late dinner we finishd &
got some gold. Jake had dinner
ready, it over I prepared to go over
to the vally & Jake down to the point
& John was to stay till we got back
I gave Jake all the dust to pay
off the accounts, John went a
short distance with me i got
home in good time &c

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