June 29 – July 5 1856

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& walked down there was
none of the boys at home
but John & Kyler came about sun set
& got supper & went back to the point to
a show.

Mo 30         all hands came in last
kt & moore too..after Breckfast
I gave H.P. 30$ & he started for home
the rest to work after dinner.
I & him started for
the Am vally arrivd at Dark.
–a show at the court house to kt.

Tu 1             Lem & Henry to mowing, Rai
ns cocking up hay1 & I to fix
ing the sythes P.m. Smith &
Dutton came over to work at
65$ per month

We 2            I recvd 3$ for the use of gri
ndstone I ps 3/4$ for 2 sythe
stones . P.m. I to working a hay
rake Rains for of Judkins 60
tb of wheat chicken feed.

July 56

Th 3             I finishd the hay Rake &
Rains to Raking the other 4
to putting it up. I pd 1$ for pee
plant p.m. I & Henry to work in garden

Fr 4              all hands idle.. John & Dave
came over last Evening to see
the Bull & Bare fight came ff
at 3 p.m. celebration of indep
endance delivered this fore noon
by Hadus a piece of mockery
according to the times. I gave
Lem 10$ Henry 5$ Smith 5$ &
5$ I worked in the garden
till noon.. P.M. I went & saw the
Ded Bars.. the Bull was scarcely
scratched except where he was
goged to make him mad &c..
a ball or dance comes off to kt
at Judge wards quite a num
ber of ladies. some from a distance

Sat 5           all slept till late & none
at work today.. I got on a small
spree today eat nothing

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  1. Piling up hay. The term ‘hay cock’ refers to a small conical pile of hay, also known as a hay stack.