June 3 – June 8 1856

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June 56

payable to H.P. by R. for 500$ in
20 days, late we walkd out in field

We 4            early, Bourne started for home
Henry, wife children & myself
went to town in the carriage I pd
2$ forfixing wifes watch&
17 1/2$ foraball dress for Lizzy &
borrowd 500$ of Cunninghams
payable in 30 days, I pd 1/2$
for dinner, we all went out
to the Ranch & c—— —

Th 5             cool & windy weather I
pd Henry 5$ borrowd money also
1$ to Derick.. I & Henry went to
town I bargained for abill of
Goods of Tredwell & co in
the hardwarw line. to be sent
also a bill of, oats 69 $
& 21/2$ tbs. of peas 1/2$ & 1 tb. of
Cilby Clover seed 1/2$, whiskey 37

Fr 6              I & Tom Hickman Startd
for the mountains with 7 head
of Beef cattle belonging go the
boys Henry Jack & Derick

June 56

allso Dericks Black Oregon
horse I am to pay him from for
80 to 100$. Henry went with
us across the Uba at the Lin
da ferry I pd 2$ for ferriage
I & Tom took af 3/4 $ each & sto
pd all kt at Davidsons 35 miles

Sat 7           I pd 7 1/2$ for our selve & hor
ses & 1 3/4$ for the cattle in pasture
we stopped at Diamond
Spring took dinner cost me 2$
& traveld on to Grass Valley 30 mi
miles & put up for the kt — –
I recvd a letter from DH Smith
of Date Aprl 16th 561 on We 4 last
& one from Dave on the same
day from Rabbit Creek,2 stating
that he had to get the pipe fixed
& cost 30$ I got Daves lattin
Books at the New York house

Su 8             Frost here last Kt I pd
our bills amt 81/4$ saddled
up & off for house.. we arrivd
at Nelson Creek at 1 P.M.


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