June 5 – June 10 1855

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June 55

our hose bursted. shaw got gold
for the first 23 1/2$ in his & the Lloyd
claim. a fine breeze commensd blo
wing early & continued till late
we got gold 15$ & Lawrance soma to
our hose bursted a second time in same place

We 6           O this delightfull climate one
continued streach of sun shine
& pleaseant breeze all at work
by times we succeeded in rool
ing the big stump out of the way
and got gold 1 1/2$. the other boys
made fair work. The sheriff
was to see me to collect 5$ for
sevises don in the case with Lloyd
& to collect 15$ that John bid for
Freers interest in the ditch that
was sold under an execution in
favor of me against Freer & Vaughn
so John has 2 deeds to that interest

Th 7             I & John we cleaning up bed
rock got gold 44$ it was too

June 1855

warm for me to keep too shirts
one so off comes my blue flan
nel. I Loand my friends T &
I Jennings 300$

Fr 28           Delightfull weather I & John
got gold 8$. Shaw & Rains got
103$ we bursted our hose in the
spot that was ripd twist before
Lawrance & Roister is pipeing a
way for the first time, at his old
claim down below us in same R

Sat 9           alls well at work in good earn
est I & John got gold 16$. I feel
lonesome & disappointed on ac
count of my wife not comeing or

Su 10          a few drops of rain fell last
kt or rather just before day. we bre
ckfasted Divided out our gold
I & John dug 115$ shaw & Rains
199 1/4$ & Lawrance & Roister had
41$ we then dressd up & went down

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