June 8 – June 13 1854

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June 54

Th 8            Clowdy this evening. I did
not feel able to work this after
noon. We got gold 41$. I am
buying milk at 6 Bits1 a gl.

Fr 9              Fine weather the dry season
has regularly set in. We got
gold 68 1/2$. I did not work I
was two weak after taking four
pills last kt.

Sat 10         Fine weather in deed no storms
the under brush is quite green
& the pine apple cactus2 is peep
ing out of the fround quite
a number of them. We got gold
67$. I shall take a wash & 4
Barlow pills & to bed.

Su 11          I wrote a letter H. P. on
buesness to send mu up some
gum coats. We divided
our gold, of this last weeks
work, 59$ cts a shear. I recd
a letter from Dave of date Apl
16th3 by one of the partners it
was near sun set.

June 1854

I went down to the point maild
my letter H.P. & came back
in the dark before the moon rose.
My lesson was the second E. of Pet
er 3rd chapt. I Dreamd that I
was in Georgetown going up street
to hung my wife. I saw lizzy
playing with a number of other
girls, they were going a round in a circle
& she was to turn her back & let one
of them hide & then she was to tell
by seeing the rest who it was that
was gon, if she faild to tell she has
to try it a gain. But she spide me
& said wy uncle. We started to go to
the house, but I woke up & found
myself lying in my bunk. O
what a sad disappointment in the
mountains of Cala thousd of miles away.

Mon 12       Cool clowdy & raind moore or
less all day. No work done by the co.

Tu 13          Clowdy tin the fore part nut fare
evening. The four went to work
& I went down to the point after di
nner & paid Koots & Co 6 1/2$ for letters
& 9$ for a pan & fork & 140& for

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  1. 75 cents. A “bit” is equal to 1/8 of a dollar or 12.5 cents, the common slang “two bits” is equal to 25 cents.
  2. Matricaria discoidea, also known pineappleweed or wild chamomile
  3. Not included in this collection.