June 9 – June 12 1857

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June 57

Tu 9             I pd Maston for sm
ithing dobe on wagon
6 3/4$ allso 2$ shoeing oxen
& 1 1/2$ sharpning plough
Rains halld Load Lumber
from Bates mill Lem &
carter at work on bridge
I was to help them p.m.
Rains & Lem to hall logs
for root house I & carter
at work putting irons on
the Bridge

We 10         I & carter at work on
bridge finished by noon
putting the irons on &
Lem & Rains putting up
a log pen around root house
p.m. I planted some
bunch beans & wanted
vegtables. Carter & Rains
halling dirt from cellar

June 57

to fill in between the logs
around root house, Lem
on the sick list p.m.

Th 11          Lem worming cabbage
Rains halling away dirt
from cellar & fixng hay
ladders I went to Betsy town
got pair ox bows 2$ & sal
soda1 2tbs at 1$ and gt
of Oneal 30 tb nails at 6$ &
box soap 4$ all chargd
Carter is not at work today

Fr 12           halld load hat to Dean
at 32 1/2 $ he pd 20$ halld Load
hay to Brewster 32 1/2$ not pd
& halld Load Lumber from Bates mill
say about 600ft. Carter
is back again at work this
p.m. Lem finishing plank
fence next wheelers. p.m.
I was asking for road tax.

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  1. Sodium Carbonate.