March 1 – March 5 1855

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March 1855

Th 1             still raining continued
moore or less till noon, the sun
shone out the after noon we got
gold 24$

Fr 2              cool last kt quite foggy the
fore noon the evening was
pleasant with sun shine we
cleand up bed rock & got gold
43$ Lawrance & shults cut a gi
tch to run the tailings by their
diggins that they may clean
up the bed rock

Sat 3           raind in the kt last & this mor
ning cleard up at noon sun shone
pelasant this evening. we cut to
small & 2 large trees as we went
to wash the ground away where
they stood. The large one broke
& bounsd on two boxes & spoilt
them entirely. we fixed up

March 55

again in the after noon & was
piping down the stumps & bark
we cleand up & got gold 68$ —

Sun 4          a beautifull sunny mor
ning we went up to the
reservoy & let the water run
out & run off the dirt that
had stopd in it, causd by
the rain. I then went down
to the point, no mail. the vig
ilence committee calld a mee
ting & stated their object &
askd to be sustaind in what
they ahve done by the minders
rather a falier. my lesson
first chap of Revelations

Mo 5            raind last kt & most of the
day, but light. I & shaw were
at work as usual & got gold 17$
John commensd at a new pla
ce by him self, I refused to let

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