March 1 – March 9 1857

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Mar 57

Su 1             the sun shining war
m & pleasant all day
snow is melting off ver
ry fast, the frogs was
signing last evening & this

Mo 2            clear & warm. I Moore have
set in to work regularly we we
re halling out manure all day

Tu 3             the weather is the same & our
work as yesterday — —

We 4            fine weather we commesd to
make a hot bed the old Negro
Doctor was to help us.. I gave an
Indian boy 1$ to trim 2 pine trees
in the garden. I trimd 2 allso

Th 5            frosty kts warm & pleasant days
Moore trimd 2 pine trees & did some
oter work. old Negroes set out some
onions on my gardin on the sheay

Fr 6              same kind of weather moore
trimd 2 pine trees. I was cutting

Mar 57

up the limb till noon after at
work to pail1 in my hot bed.2 this
week sold 90 tbs potatoes 9$ got the money
& pd woodward 5$ for 50 tbs oats to feed
chickens & pd 3$ moore for wheat for
the same purpose

Sat 7           some clowdy or hazy all day . I
finishd paling in my hot bed. Then
put a latch on the samall lot gate
then sowd four kinds of cabbage
seed. & put a slab under the lot gate
moore went to Oneals pd 1$ for a broom
cleand up the brush in the garden &
halld some logs in the lot & to Druesler
halld 2 loads of wood for the old Darkey
& one load of old lime frm Bullards
unloades it near the hen house

Su 8             raind some Last kt —
& to day. warm & pleasant —

Mo 9            clowdy all day Moore
halld Bated 1000tbs hay at 22 1/2$
& halld a load plank for him
in the bargain down to quincy

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  1. Fencing in. Paling refers to a row of upright board, sticks or planks called pales.
  2. A raised bed heated with manure. Used for starting seedlings, or for winter gardening.