March 10 – March 17 1857

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Mar 57

Tu 10          pleasant weather we were
halling manure in the garden

We 11         we were halling manure
from Wards barn in garden
Timberman got 2 bales hay
weight 169 tbs at 45$ per ton

Th 12          still pleasant & we halling
manure. I sold a beef ox to
Harper 120$ he pd 20$ balance
to be pd in a few days —

Fr 13           Moore halling manure & I
went up to Betsy town & bou
ght a plow of Blood & Co. am
to pay 59$. I got some medicine
of Dr, Kate. I not verry well

Sat 14         I took some pills last kt. I
set about early to put handles
& Beam in an old plow I
Bought of Nicewinder cost 5$
whitch was transferd on Fred
nia.. I sold 7 chickens to Hay
den 10 1/2$ & 25 tbs cabbage 2 1/2$

Mar 57

Moore was cleaning up about
the yard P.m. I did nothing

Su 15          warm & pleasant some clo
wdy I’ve shavd shirted & c-
I & wife walkd out on the
ranch. Liz & two other ladies
went across the vally & up
on the top of high mountain
Sawye was with them

Mo 16         We were halling ma
nure & Norton to help us
at 2$ per day. I pd Willim
an 6 1/2$ for chicken feed
p.m. I help maston to up
sit an old plough pd him 8$

Tu 17           I helpd to finish the plo
ugh this a.m. Norton to sc
attering manure n the gar
den & moore to halling in
the field.. p.m. I was stoc
king the plough & moore to
ploughing in the garden

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