March 11 – March 13 1855

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March 1855

Su 11          though pleasantly situa
ted. I a woke out of those pl
easantrys puton my slippers
& walkd out of the cabin cle
ar & cold with the ground co
verd with snow that had fal
len in the kt, day light was
near at hand. I calld up the
boys beckfasted greasd my
boots & then down to the point
and this object in view to stop
the miners from coming up to
our diggins & holding an arbi
tration for the benefit of Lloyd
whitch I accomplishd in good
style, there being but fur men
came & two of them I sent I usd
al the means in my power to
accomplish it nothing done for
him as yet, before going to bed i red

March 55

the five last chapt of revelations
Mo 12         I set up till mid knight & then
up at day brake the ground
was coverd again with snow
& still falling & continued all
day raining & snowing, after
dinner I & shults went down
to the point with two picks
to sharpen cost 1 1/2$ & 20 lbs beef 5$
we got gold 27$, Lloyd told
shaw that he was going to the
american vally to try me at

Tu 13          raind & sowd all of last
kt & to day, not so mutch in
the after noon, shults & Law
rance went to work in the P.M.
I and John went down to the
point, we met the counsta

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