March 12 – March 17 1854

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March 1854

Sun 12      Cold last kt but a beautifull
& warm day. John went down to the
point & malid aletter to his ma. I
washd & shirt & pair socks & done
some needle work in the fore noon
& read the V chapt. Of Gen E of James.
In the after noon turnd out &
cut & packd a lot of wood for the
week. Getting late bedtime. The wind
blowing & the snow falling again.

Mo 13       Snowd all of last kt & all of to
day. After dinner we went up
the ditch to assist the water to run
down but the snow was falling
two fast & was already too deep in
the ditch. We gave it up for a bad
job. Waded back to the cabin. The
new falling snow was above our
knees & still snowing.

Tu 14          Snowd all of last kt & at it this
morning. I’ve not been out to see
the deph. It held up at noon. We got
dinner & went up the ditch & sopd
the brakes & got the water running
down but the snow is so deep

March 1854

in the ditch it cant get a long
mutch. I walkd in the ditch where is
was about 1 ft deep & the snow up to
my head.

We 15         Warm & pleasant. The fore noon
we went up the ditch to get the water
down. We had to shovel out snow for
near 1/2 mile. By noon it was at the
end of the sitch & making its way
down the ravine. After dinner we went
to the diggins & sloosd down large
pile of top dirt. Just as we finished
another pile slid in. It was clowdy
& cold this after noon.

Th 16          Snowd a little last kt. But a wa
rm & pleaseant fore noon. The Johns
went to McDonalds & borrowed his co
tton hose1. I was cutting a way
some roots & stumps. After dinner
we sloosd down a quantity of dirt
& trash & set our boxes for washing.

Fr 17           Warm & pleasant & the snow mel
ting away fast. We made a
commencement to wash for gold. We
got 12$ after loosing all the week & part
of it last but it is heavy work to say the least.

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  1. The hose was used in hydraulic mining. In this method, miners would focus and intense spray of water on a hill or embankment, washing down the gravel and soil into a long sluice below