March 12 – March 20 1858

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March 58

Fr 12           John & Truit started ear
ly with one waggon & plamks
for Badger Hill. got back after

Sat 13         the weather a little
unfavorable. John was plo
ughing & I halld 3 loads wood
to noon, after John & Truit
went to Alfords mill & got
a load plank for Arkansas
compy. Dick finishd ploughing

Su 14          snowd a little last kt &
some cold, I mad a mistak
of one day in halling it
was one day early than Ive

Mo 15         John & Truitt took a load
of plank to Arkansas Comp
I was up there to day

Tu 16          John & Truit took another
load plank up there to day
it raind & snowd consider
able to day

March 58

We 17         the boys went up to the
mill & got two loads of plk
it was all they did

Th 18          the boys halld another load
of plank to Arkansas comp
verry cold last kt. I was on a
Jury to try the right of proper
ty between canion & oneal —
I got 3$ for the same

Fr 19           the boys has gone to Badger
Hill with a load of plank for
Hackells I pd 2 days agao 2 1/2$
for whiskey & paper & to day 1/4$
fr paper again, I recvd a
letter from h.P. on business &
one allso from A Mengers, &
says he must have his money

Sat 20         I went to Jonesville & recvd
50$ in gold dust of warren Stag
came home od 1/4$ tool gate fee
John went to Nelson Creek to see
Jas Smith for money but got none
Dick halld 2 loads of lumber for
John from the Mill —

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