March 13 – March 15 1855

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March 55

ble he read his documents to
me a suit for 200$ & dam
ages for 300$ to be tride on thu
rsday 15th — John baught
pair boots 4$ Lloyd is the
plantiff in the Law suit
John had a fuss with G. Kiline
he being drunk several person
kept them from fighting &
then a fellow by the name
of Jim Preston pulld off his
coat to give John a fight, but
when he was ready I was in
front of him, he soon left

We 14         the ground was coverd with
snow this morning, we finishd
sewing another seem in our
piece of new hose. I shaw &
John went out ot the diggins
cleard away some brush &

Mar 55

set up our pen stock a gain
to get moore head we conclu
ded to try the old hose again
& brot the new back [illegible] the
cabin at noon. after we cut
a new leading ditch to run
water in the pen stock higher up
we were clearing off some sm
all trees one fell the rong way
& brake 3 old sloos boxes

Th 15          I Shaw & john was clear
ing off timber this fore noon
the ground was covered with
snow & quite cold & frosty. The
sun was shining warm &
pleasant quite all day after noon
all five in clyding shults
went down to the point to try
another La suit this time with Lloyd
before the Jury was had some
of them expressd a wish the case

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