March 17 – March 21 1857

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Mar 57

with the new plough I
hired Hostetter to fix up our
house a little in the way of
carpentering at 4$ per day
I got six $ for cabbages & let
cookes have 63 tbs at 10 per tb

We 18         Norton spreading manure &
moore to halling from Due
slers in the field I finishd
stocking the plough before
noon. P.m. we ploughd so
me with it. I went to betsytown
bought 2 1/2 doz screws
cost 5 bits..1 & Bell paid me
off in Hogans act.. moore
halld stark a load of straw
at 20$. Timberman sent
me goods to the amt 24 1/4$

Th 19          Moore ploughing in the
garden Norton spreading ma
nure in the field. I got Maston

Mar 57

to make a screw nut for
my new plough cost 50 cts
snowd on the mountains &
raind in the vally last kt

Fr 20           I sold on yesterday I load
hay to Ray and co. for32 1/2$
moore ploughing Norton spred
ding manure in the field af
ter noon 2 ploughs running
I help moore with his
team Hostetter on the house
a t. am to pay him 10$

Sat 21        snowd last kt & is falling
verry fast this morning no
work done to day. I rode a
cross the vally opposite my
ranch & up on the top of a
high mountain & found
Dr. Fredonia & Daughter by a large
fire his horse tide to a tree. a
wating the decision of the coun
ty court

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  1. $.65