March 18 – 21 1853

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March 53

Fr 18           12 noon sea roughf passing
Santa Barbara sunset at
point conception high wind.

Sat 19        Strong head wind all day
eat nothing all day high mount.

Su 20          8 o’clock tide to the warf of
San Fr.  Passengers leaving ship.  Dave1
& John has gone to get their Breck
fast as I want none I will wait
their return.  Mutch of this town is
built out in the bay on spiling there
is a great amt.  of shipping here.  At
½ past ten I walked up town & breck
fasted.  I calld for 3 eggs 75 cts making
in all  1.37 ½.  We next went aboard
steamer Cumanche for Marysville at
$10 each and meals at $1.50 each.

March 20 Sunday 1853

March We started at 1/2 past 1 o. clk at
the narrows in the bay above 35 miles
up is Benecia the capital of state
These bay shores is beautifull the ma
ny hills seems to have been harrowd
rolld & set in grass with out a stump
or tree. Passd Benicia 1 hour sun. evening

Mo 21          cash to Johns pasage.        $13.00

‘        ‘          at 4 o clk this morning we were
at sackremento warf.  I went ashore
at day light & got breakfast at 50 ct.
At 8. Oclock we started again.
After the steamers Page & Gove
Dany for Marysville.  The page
blew uo 10 miles Mville.  We
arrived there about 4 in the afternoon
& went out to H. P. 2Ranch & remaind
there untill the Friday 17th June.

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  1. James’ younger brother David Lloyd Haun. He accompanied James and his son West in 1853. Consult the people list for a brief biography.
  2. James’ younger brother Henry Peter Haun, a Marysville attorney had come California overland from Kentucky in 1849. He and his family owned a ranch and grew fruit. Although no hard evidence survives, its likely that H.P’s successes, detailed in his letters home, may have inspired his brothers to follow in his footsteps. Consult the people list for a brief biography.