March 18 – March 25 1854

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March 1854

Sat 18         Warm & pleasant $ the snow mel
ting away fast. The evenings & kts
are quite cool. We got gold 18$ =
We feel quite shure of doing well
next week if the weather is good here.

Sun 19       Raind a little last kt & a
very little this morning but
clowdy or hazy all day. The sun
shone out considerable with
all & warm & pleasant. I went
down to the point in the after
noon no letters for us. The exp
ress man has not been in for
two weeks. So I maild my
9th letter to my wife & paid
25 cts for caring it to Marys
ville & the same for Hohns last
sunday. We got some wood
for the balance of the week.

Mo 20         Warm. The sun shoe at in
tervals. We wer moving top dirt
all day & more to move tomorrow.

Tu 21          Cool last kt & clear & a fine
pleasant day. We commends wa
shing just before noon & got
gold 6 1/2$. A poor turn out.

March 1854

We 22         Fine & pleasant. Last kt.
alarg ceader stump & too large
logs & a quantity of dirt slid
down & mashd one of our sloos
boces. Give us work enough for
the balance of the week with out
washing for gold. ——

Th 23          Fine morning. Sent John do
wn to the point to see if there is a
ny letters & get as handle 1$ & to
get a cross cut saw. Snow is met
ting off fast. We sawd up ine lar
ge log & split it & packed it out & heap of dirt.

Fr 24           Warm & pleasant. Another
stump slid in to day. We took
out too to day & one moore to get
put. The gulch is so deep & pay dirt
so shallow it requires a quantity
of work to get at the gold. But
we have got it all most clear again.

Sat 25        Clowdy in the fore noon & clear
in the after & pleasant. We got to
washing a little in the evening &
got gold 6$. Ive caught a bad cold.
I’ve slep cold the last two kts.

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  1. On this date, March 18 1854, an act was passed to create Plumas County from a portion of the territory of Butte County.