March 1853

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Mar 23
Up San Wan river
to castle rapids 3 to stemer cross lake
” ‘4 to lake Nickaraugua to virgin-
” ‘4 bay town bottle claret each .50
” ‘5 at port on lake at virgin Bay
” ‘ Cash bread & coffee each .20
” ‘ Dinner Virgin Bay each .60
” ‘ For trunk 9.75
For Johns trunk 8.40

John & I took the first boat to shore
with many others I stood in water up to
the top of my boots as she took in water
evry sea but landed safe in vi. Bay
town we dind & wated for Dav
& after getting out mules we set out
12 miles for the pacific, after passing
over one of the most singular countrys
& steep mountains & by all sorts every
ns. & fruits, & the natives live in

houses made of round sticks & Bam
boo cane & covered with flag leaves.
We next landed safe at the pacific
hotel after dark & we paid for supper Breakfast

Mar 5 Lodging & dinner each 2.50

Sunday I got up early took a stroll Bro.
Johnathan bying at anchorage a few
hund. yrds opposite our hotel in looking
around at the high clifts I saw cac
tases 6 inches in diameter & 8 or 10 ft
high, I had likd to forgotten to men
tion the mile high mountains in
lake nickarauga & the clowds
hanging around their top. I saw
many natives stark naked, good
sweat oranges, 1 cent apiece, it is
here considrd fall season, the
road we traveld over yesterday
was quite dry & dusty though
it rained every day when we
first landed at mouth san
wan river. it is spelld Juan
after Breckfast went in aba
thing & our trunks is com
ing in all well in the first thing
that saluted my ear was the
Brakers of the sea at this place as contining
to roar while I rite
standing near the waters edge

”  6 to oranges & Lemons 1.00

”  ‘ to passage to steamer each 2.50

”  ‘ to paid for trunks—

we went on boars Sunday eve &
bid adue to san wan del sea
Thow before sun set our course

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