March 20 – March 26 1856

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March 56

Th 20          Early I had the plough
pointed & sharpd cost 3$. I
commensd sewing wheat, & P.
M. to harrowing it in as we got done

Fr 21           I sent Linton after wheat 100lbs
as there had been a mistake
against me. Finishd sewing
this piece of ground in the p.
m. & commensd sewing ba
rly the rest of the day.

Sat 22         By noon we had put in
all the seed we had. p.m. I
sent Linton after 600 lbs
more seed. He returnd after dark.

Su 23          All the past week my left
shin has been getting verry
sore just below the knee, in
flamed & swelld verry mutch.
I continued up most of the
day, late in p.m. I was co
mpelld to ly down, being in
mutch pain. I gave W. R. Di
ckson 5$ on Tuesday evening last.

March 56

Mo 24         Sufferd verry mut
ch last kt & to day. Linton
came to work, but I got him
to go after Dr. Cate at Betsy
town. Took medicine had quite
a feaver all day. I pd Curlin
2$ for putting up a shelf & lock on
the door up stars last week.

Tu 25          I was quite sick last kt
& no better this morning. The
Dr. came left moore medicine
& directions did nothing for my
leg but to keep it cool with sup
ar of Led1 water. P.M. Rains
arrivd with two yoke of
cattle from M Ville H.P. se
nt me & 20$ he gave to Bill
to bear expences up, and
12$ moore to be pd on the road.

We 26         Rested verry little last kt. Took
a blue pill2 this morning. Was ver
ry sick all day. Dave came over
this morning. The Dr came to see
me twice to day. Rains rested to day.

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  1. Another name for lead acetate. In the 19th century it was widely used as a sugar substitute, despite its toxicity. It is still in use today in manufacturing, and as a dye.
  2. Also known as ‘blue mass’ a popular remedy at the time used to treat a range of disorders. The mediation was mercury based and continued use can result in poisoning.