March 21 – March 29 1858

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March 58

Su 21          the ox press came in I
recvd another letter from Mengers
& H.P. money mengers must have

Mo 22         I sent 231$ by Whiting to
H.P. cost me 2$ for carring it
John & Truit took load plank
to Badger hill to Heckel

Tu 23          Dick left yesturday for arka
nsas compy. I laid a floor in
the wood house to put cabbage in
on yesterday, I wife & Davy took
out of ground cleand & put n
house a lot of cabbage John &
Truit halld load plank to varners

We 24         raind last kt in vally & sn
owd on mountains & continue
all day the wind blew a part of
lot fence down, In front. I &
John put it up again in the
rain, carter got back with mare

Th 25          snow fell 5 inches deep in va
lly & plenty on mountains. the
sun shone out. I john & Carter
dug out the rest of cabbage

March 58

on last Wednesday Mrs. Duesler
gave John 75$ for the grey horse
Joe Coffin got over 500 tts cab
bage at 2 1/2 per hund, and at least 3/4
were rotted on taking them out

Fr 26           snowd all kt last. some 6 inches
deep this morning, & continued
to fall verry fast all day with
out any intermition increase
of the depth on the ground
in the vally, but is quite deep on
the mountains say the miners

Sat 27         cleard up last kt & froze some
but is quite fogge this morning
& some clowdy, nothing doing

Su 28          the weather unsettled and if
I mistake not the storm will
last some time yet, though the
sun has been shining out to day

Mo 29         the snow has fallen consider
able last kt. I John & Dick went
out to cut some wood for Bass

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