March 23 – March 29 1855

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March 55

Fr 23            fine morning I could not get
a mule hire & I & two other men
setarted for rabbit creek. my
supper lodging & breckfast 2 1/2$
we arrivd at rabbit creek at 10 a.
m. ten miles over the snow &
slosh. There I saw vaughn. I
got a mule to ride to the Buck
eye house 12 miles. past the lex
ington NY york stare american
Diamond spring houses to the bu
ckeye eat dinner before 2 P.M.
cost 1$ I stop here till morning
I went to bed at a late hour &c

Sat 24         up before day the land la
dy is a grass widow1 one of the
partners the other is a young man
keepers of the buckeye house. sup
per ldoging & breckfast 2 1/2$ & mule
& stage fare 5$ to M. ville. I saw
a buck Begro wash his face
& hands & whipe nt he same
towell and blow his nose
on it all so that white men

usd after he had done this
we started stated early on a
mules back for the oregon house
28 miles. dinner 1$ & then to M
vile arrivd in stage by 4 P.M.
I then walkd out to H.P. by sun set

Su 25          I & Jack went up to Parks
Bar on the yuba river & was af
ter dark getting Back —

Mo 26         I went out to the upper ra
nch with Jack & 4 others to
help him finish sewing barly
got back at dark

Tu 27          went to town with Jack
after dinner & back again

We 28         I went up ouslys Bar
with HP he had a law suit
& gaind it then home again
arrivd at sun set

Th 29          I went to town with HP
he concluded to go up with
me in the mountains we

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  1. “Grass widow” is slang for an unmarried or divorced woman.