March 26 – March 28 1854

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March 1854

Su 26          Another beautifull day & one
moore week is past & a hard weeks work
it has been to me. Ive gt a bad cold
mu head achs powerfull. I look eve
ry day when I shall see my wife
in these mountains. I don’t know
why it is so. We all three went down
to the point. I went mostley to see
if there was any letters, but my
express man has not been in for
thess weeks or moote, we got none.
My lesson this morning IV chapt
Mark. John has gone to
his bunk & Dobson has not come
home to kt, Something wrong &
here I set on a stool, like a fool.
Davis & Co has moovd in the other ca
bin to be handy to there saw mill on
the branch near by.

Mo 27         My head did ache last kt. I
went to bed with it acheing &
& got up so, though I lay with
a wet towel on mu fore head all
kt, I & John went to work not wi
th standing all my aches & ma
de a something after. I am we
ary to kt. & Dobson is not at home.


March 1854

Tu 28          Fine day. I & John at work by
our two selves. We took out yesturday
$20 1/2 & to day 19$. Dobson came
home this fore noon & brought us
eight letters, he did not work to day.
We quit work & went to the cabin to
read them. The first I examind was
lizzy’s of date Jan. 18541. I take them
in rotation one of date Decem 20th2
giving an account of Emma Smith
going to get married on tomorrow & in
want of money & Jane Graves being
in Ky & G Winte having joind the
Baptist Church. One of date
Jan 6th 18543 giving an account
of your wanting 200$ & Izadora Byrns
love to e. One of date Jan 15th 544
giving an account of a long talk with
Frank Pwell & still in want of that
200$. Mrs. Larue account of C. Asburn
shooting a man & cleard. L. Offutt
& Mrs. Patterson marrys to kt _
& one of date Jan 22 and 18545 giv
ing an account of a heavy rain &
Dan Bradlye having been southern & G
Tucker to be married & I did not get
your letter giving account uncle
soloman Death this is the first &

& for get to mention old brother smiths love

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