March 28 – April 4 1854

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March 54

Tu 28          The tickets on the burlesque on
the main Liquor Law.
Johns three letters I have not has
to read. It is quite late as Ive fini
shd taking down dates & notes of letters.

We 29         A little rainy & moore expected
to kt. I & John got gold 15$.

Th 30          A very little showrey. In eve
ning entirely clear. We all
three got gold to day 7$–
My throat is sore from cold
or getting wet every day.

Fr 31            Clear & pleasant. I put a wet
towel to my neck last kt but
my throat is still sore this mor
ning. We went to ground sloo
sing to day.

Sat April 1 Pleasant mor
ning. I put the wet towel to my
throat last kt again. It is some
thing better. We fixed for was
ing or eather prospecting. We
got gold 6 1/2$. We quit early and
fixed for ground sloosing. Again
after supper I commensd a letter
to my wife.

April 1854

Sun 2          Raining mostly all day.
I finishd my 10th letter to my wife
after dinner & John & I went
down to the point & maid it
& paid 25 cts postage to Marys

Mo 3            Fine day. We three & old Good
shall went down to Rich bar dig
gins of Feather River to buy a claim.

Tu 4             Staid all kt at Shasta on the
opposite side River. Our bills
each for lodgin & Fair and Liquor
a 1/2$. Fine warm day. We crossd
the river 4 times & paid 75 cts
each. We four bought E. K. Parishs
claims & water privalige at 400$ tools
and Cabin & provisions all included.
I dreamed last kt that I was in
Georgetown & that I gt up to see
my wife. I thought it was about
Pratts Tavern. I asked Bet where her
mistress was. She told me that she had
gone up stairs. It was a place I
could not go thought Bet was bu
ilding a fire to get breckfast

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