March 29 – April 4 1858

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March 58

after it held up from snowing
this morning, my hands blis
tering some as I have not workd

Tu 30          continues to snow & rain
but held about noon. we
again went out in p.m. & did
some moore cutting. John halld
I load wood in a.m.

We 31         the day passd off with out rain
or snow. John Halld 4 loads wood
to John Bass. I was about town
all day as there was an election
held in this district for super
visor No. 2 & in No. 3 allso
on Mo. last I sent by Whiting
express 75$ to HP Haun & cost
me 1$ expressing & 1$ for tea.


Th 1             raind last kt & continued all
day verry hard some times
snowing. I & John fixd up the
hay ladders in the rain & then
put on load hay before noon.

April 58

p.m. John hitchd up the oxen &
drove to Betsy town to Butcher
I was a lounging or Loafing
Carter started out with mail
but returnd again p.m. –
Dick went up to the diggins.

Fr 2              the weather is unsettled. I & John
was halling wood for the house p.m.
we halld 1 load of short wood
that was cut for Bass.

Sat 3           the sun come out warm & pleas
ant. I & John halld the rest of the
short wood being one load to Bass
then halld another for the house
of another quality. p.m. we sackd
up 2786 tbs. wheat & John took it
to jukins mill. John let Judkins
have 800 ttd wheat to pay him 40$
that he held my note for.
John Overton has come over to
get some interst money of me
he took supper with us this evening

Su 4             snowing again this morning
& looks rather gloomy as ime pressd

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