March 3 – March 6 1859

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March 59

& pend the calvs away from
the Bald Hay & put some oak wood
for the cook stove & packd it in
besides feeding stock attending
to the milking I churnd a wh
ile longer on the cream in the
churn. I turnd it in a bucket
& put in a fresh lot & made &
dressd the Butter. I cleand up
the tricks, took some fres But
termilk & Bred for supper
Kitty is a boaring to kt is
raining & has been since dark.

Fr 4              raind considerable last Kt
But this morning it was snow
ing & had been a short time the
ground was froze where it was
not coverd with snow & a cold
west wind the blew verry hard
& Knocked down a few panels
of plank fence Just below
the log fence, I & Jones put it
up by noon, p.m. we sawd off

Mar 59

Monday last

4 Blocks for wood, shoot sin
set John came in I was a lit
tle surprisd to see him com
ing through these hard snow storms
he says alls well left Mville on
I helpd him fix up his bed in
my room, he playd some on
the old violin old times again
I pd 3/4$ for beef

Sat 5           the coldest Kt since Ive been
up here through warm & pleasant
all day we sawd & split & put up
in all 10 cords wood this week a
fter supper I went up town for a
straner 1 1/2$ to be pd by Bass & 1/2
tts. Black tea 1/2$ & 1 doz box matches
kitty was out with a tom cat all Kt.

Su 6             cold last kt again but not so
mutch as the Kt before, warm
& pleasant all day after the mo
rining work was done I went to
Inmans & got 2 clean shirts & put

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