March 30 – April 2 1859

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March 59

We 30         cold last kt & today some
snow, I & John cut up were cutting wood
out in the woods. Juhn cut up the
limbs off the tree in the yard. snow
was inch deep this morning &
I pd 1 1/4$ for beef

Th 31          cold last kt & today the wind
from the north snowd a verry lit
tle. I & Jones were cutting & John ha
lling logs today a long the lain &
against the plank fence to hold
up & keep the wagons off, John
halld all of Jones wood to his
house out of garden, we pd
him 7$ for 4 hens this even
ing we, let Ashhinn have
3 bales hay at 6$ & got 1 tb
candles of him &c —

April 59

Fr 1              Verry cold last kt & to day with
another wind constantly blo
wing. John halld a load for
Capt. Folger I what the saw &
Jones & us were sawing & splitting
on a dry pine all day, I pd
1 1/2$ for 7 lb chuck stake,
a dance to kt at the old court house.

Sat 2           Verry cold last kt to day has
been more pleasant, last kt the par
ty was broke up at 11 by John Bap
tearing down the am. flag, I john
& Jones put up 8 cords wood & mended
fence for Titus we smashed in cutting
tree down, John alld 1 load wood
for Titus at 1 1/2$, we are feeding
1 pair Black Oxen at 4$ per week
the snow on the north side Am House
till is 3 1/2ft deep in a ridge, slid off
the house

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