March 31 – April 2 1857

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Mar 57

Mo 30         we allso took load of hay
to Bell at 35$ not
paid his wifes watch in
pawn & got my new plo
ugh pointed & sharpd cost 3$

Tu 31          I & Rains ploughing one
team & Norton the other
after laying off some
Lands I quit, Warren sta
rted for the mountains house
but it raind too hard he left
his goods & returnd, none of
hands was at work this p.m
I went up to Betsy town &
got an order from Burk
holder to Judkins for
2000 tbs seed wheat.

April 57

We 1           I sent Rains down to
Judkins & got 2000 tbs seed
wheat. I had my old plou
gh sharpd cost 1$. Moore
grubbing on the ground ba
ck of garden. I 7 Norton
moving the garden fence
out 13 yds. back of the house
p.m. the ploughs were going
in new ground back of
garden. I && Moore finishd
the fence Lem came to
our house the p.m. late

Th 2            I had my old plough
Laid a new this a,m.
cost 5$ we halld Duesler
a load of straw at 20$
the boys halld some ma
nure on the ground that
was taken in the garden

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